RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary

UGC LISTED JOURNAL eISSN 2455-3085 Impact Factor 4.184

RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary

Authors are invited to submit their manuscript based on following interdisciplinary subjec areas.

Topics Covered

The periphery of the subject areas includes:

1 )   Management, Organization behavior, Marketing management, Human Resources;

2 )   Psychology, Human ideology, Sociology, Organization psychology;

3 )   Rural India, Statistics, Social Sciences, Library Information Science;

4 )   Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Information technology, Computer Science;

5 )   Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Laws, Political Science;

6 )   Geography, History, Journalism, Literature, Philosophy;

7 )   Accountings, Finance, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting;

8 )   Economics, Education, Home Science;

9 )   Business, Commerce and Corporate Governance;

10 )   Arts, Fine Arts;

11 )   Medical, Bio-Medical, Clinical Research, Medical Science;