Impact on Customer Satisfaction of Banking Service Quality with Special Reference to Domestic Banking Services


  • Chitranjan Kumar Maurya Assistant professor, Government College Redawas Jaipur (VSY)
  • Dr. Pooja Tarun Assistant Professor, Baba Gangadas Government Girls College, Shahpura Jaipur



Service quality, SERVQUAL, customer satisfaction, banking sector, customer loyalty


The study demonstrates how customer happiness and service quality affect the banking industry. To illustrate the significance of the findings, a clear description of service quality and customer happiness is provided. Secondary qualitative data are used to build the study. All of the statistics and information gathered are based on books and publications. To clarify the significance of the research topic, the data supplied in generating this study is critically reviewed. Every detail on the banking sector is offered with regard to service quality and client happiness together with reliable data and information. The study was created by the researchers in accordance with factual knowledge and theories that further illuminate the subject. The importance of service excellence and client happiness in the banking industry is made clear by all the information.


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