Cover Page Title of the Book Author(s) ISBN No Access
World Interfaith Harmony Week -2020 Dr. Mina Vyas 978-93-90307-77-7 (Published on 10 September 2020) Buy
Mind management in Bhagavadgita Prof. Dr. Mina S. Vyas 9788194508601 [Published on February 6, 2020] Buy
International Year of Pulses : International Year of Pulses (First Book 1) Dr. Mina Vyas 978-93-90388-64-6 (Published on 29 September 2020) Buy
International year of indigenous languages 2019 Mina Vyas 978-93-90538-07-2 (Published on 18, Nov 2020)
International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)-2016 Prof Dr. Mina Vyas 978-15-4574-758-2 [Published on September 30, 2019] Buy