A Study on some aspects of Hydrographical Parameters of Water in Vasishta Godavari River at Narsapur; West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh

NSSIHSNENRM-2019 | Special Issue | Jan-2019 | Published Online: 25 January 2019    PDF ( 138 KB )
Dr. T.V.V. Satyanarayana 1; KUBNV Prasad 2

1Sri Y.N. College(A),Narsapur (India)

2Sri Y.N. College(A),Narsapur (India)


India has a long coast line of 5650 km with a total continental shelf area of 2,59,000sqkms. History reveals that some form of Aqua culture existed around 300 B C in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa and credited with age old practices in this trade. Today Aquaculture has spread to most of the states and is flourishing as a trade on modern lines. Water is said to be the essential medium for aquaculture practices in which various aquatic organisms will be raised. For this purpose quality water is the primary requisite. To maintain the water quality the aqua culturists suppose to maintain various parameters of the water like Physical, Chemical, Nutrients and Gases at their limitations. Water contains various physical and chemical parameters like temperature, turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrates, phosphates etc.,the poor and lack of proper water quality maintenance effects the growth and yield of the culturing organisms.

Aquaculture, Water Quality maintenance, culturingorganisms
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