A Study on the Human Resource Functions in the Digital Era

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 183 KB )
Dr. S. Yuvaraj 1; Mrs. M. Divya 2

1Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai (India)

2M.Phil. Scholar, Department of Commerce, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai (India)


In the recent years all the personal and professional life, things are becoming digitalized. Small enterprises to the large organization, everything has been digitalized. Digital denotes the rapid adoption of technology. Digital transformation will create more opportunities and platforms for the job seekers. In this digitalized world each and every organization has to adopt the technology changes to stand in the business market, will get competitive advantage. Human Resource (HR) manager plays an important role in an organization and stand has a backbone of an organization. The aim of this paper is to analyze current changes on HR functions in the digital era and the benefits are examined. In the near future, everything will be digitalized, virtual and artificial intelligence will play an important role. HR manager has to frame strategy, new ways of thinking and should have a good leadership quality to sustain in the business market. HR profession, who are not still adopting the technology changes, should take steps to change to digital HR.

Digital era, Digital HR, Competitive Advantage, Adoption of Technology, Artificial Intelligence
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