A Study on Work Life Balance in Hotel Employees,Trichirappalli District

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 178 KB )
Dr. D.Suresh 1; M. Farzana begum 2

1Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor Department of Management Studies A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College Trichy (India)

2Ph.D. Research Scholar, Jamal Mohamed College, Thanjavur (India)


Work Life Balance is the dangerous task of contemporary economic world as employees in organizations are facing lot of pressure from working institution and pressure from new social structure. Though the issues and problems are different in nature and influencing the life in different point. Hotel industry is well-known from others in respect to provision of services round the clock. Due to the seasonal nature of hotel business and high destruction rate in the industry, it suffers from serious manpower shortage. More overly the hotel employees are compelled to proceeds up the extra load by working for long hours .Such work environment may impact on Work Life Balance of the employees since they do not get sufficient time for their personal and social commitments. At the same time the workers get low income to comparing the other industrial employers. This paper talk about the key issues surrounding the discussion over work-life balance. It provides an overview of current thinking in the general work environment, with specific focus on the issue within the kindness industry. This paper presents the literature on work-life balance issues and impacts about the hotel employers. This paper presents a framework to examine ways to overcome the current shortage of work-life balance, especially within Hotels in Trichirappalli district by selecting 50 experts randomly from different Hotels with the help of a structured questionnaire. Analysing the data, it was found that stress of employers, health conditions and Seasonal changing and irregular working schedules are the major factors contributing to poor Work Life Balance which correlates with the employee job performance in hotel industry.

Work Life Balance
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