Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources to the Environment

NSSIHSNENRM-2019 | Special Issue | Jan-2019 | Published Online: 25 January 2019    PDF ( 280 KB )
K.Venkateswara rao 1; R.Sashikala 2; G.Sri Devi 3

1Lecturer in Physics, A S D Women’s College, Kakinada (India)

2Lecturer in Physics, A S D Women’s College, Kakinada (India)

3Lecturer in Physics, A S D Women’s College, Kakinada (India)


All non-renewable energy sources have great impact on Environment. Non-Renewable energy sources (fossil fuel, Petrol, Coal, natural gas, oil, etc.) will became great threat to us in the future. We have to explore another alternative to produce electricity. Renewable energy sources (solar, wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydrothermal, Ocean, etc 😉 will be that problem. With electricity became a basic requirement from day to day, renewable sources will become a good solution not only for our requirement but also to the environment. This review paper briefly describes, Why should we have to prefer renewable energy sources than non-renewable energy sources?. The effects we will face in the future by using non-renewable sources and how we will be benefited by renewable energy sources.

Non-Conventional Sources, Environment, Renewable energy, fossil fuels.
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