NSSIHSNENRM-2019 | Special Issue | Jan-2019 | Published Online: 25 January 2019    PDF ( 222 KB )
M.Lavanya Sridhari 1; V.Naga Lakshmi 2

1III M.B.C, Ch.S.D. St. Theresa’s college for Women, Eluru (India)

2Lecturer in Chemistry, Ch.S.D. St. Theresa’s college for Women, Eluru (India)


There are infinite options for renewable energy resources which can be replacement for the non renewable energy resources which are danger for the environment. Improvement of their utilization and minimization of non-renewable resources is the main objective to built green earth. Biomass is playing a major role in the replacement of the resources which are causing drastic pollution. They show effective benefits by producing Biofuel. This can be achieved by establishment of Biorefinery. Permaculture and Ecological sanitation process are enhancers for biomass. Thus, upholding biomass as renewable energy resource can give a hope for revitalization.

Biomass, Biofuel, Biorefinery
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