Challenges of Social Marketing in the Contemporary Society

DMS-GBMP | Special Issue | July-2018 | Published Online: 30 July 2018    PDF ( 152 KB )
Dr. S. Indira 1

1Associate Professor & Head, Department of Philosophy, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry (India)


Social marketing is largely concerned with human development. It includes people as the participants in the developmental process. Social concerns and sensitivities along with the techniques of marketing constitute the core strategy of social marketing. The pre-requisite components of this strategy are largely related to the needs and demands of the society. Social marketing involves the development perspective, social understanding and communication abilities towards market products. The concept of marketing is the interface between the different and competing value systems. They include the firm, the customers and also the people related to the business. Generally marketing management relies on providing products and services that create value for the customers and satisfying them. To enable a company to play a responsible role in the society the marketers have to be aware of the ethics in their activities. Marketing ethics is the moral evaluation of marketing activities and decision whether the are right or wrong. The marketing behavior is judged as ethical or unethical on the basis of the common acceptability of the consumers in the society. In this context, the present paper is about challenges of social marketing in the contemporary society.

social marketing, ethics, marketing, organisation, society
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