Collaborative Attitude of Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) towards Self-Help Group (SHG) in Puducherry

DMS-GBMP | Special Issue | July-2018 | Published Online: 30 July 2018    PDF ( 183 KB )
Siddhartha Thyagarajan 1; T. Nambirajan 2; Ganeshkumar Chandirasekaran 3

1Ph. D Research Scholar, Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University, Puducherry (India)

2Professor and Supervisor Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University, Puducherry (India)

3Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore (India)


The aim of this paper is to find out the collaboration attitude of Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises(MSME) towards Self-Help Group (SHG)in the Union Territory of Puducherry region. The research variables were identified from the literature review relating to collaboration attitude of MSME and primary data of 127 random sample of MSMEs was collected through survey method using well-structured questionnaire. The statistical package of SPSS was utilized to analyze the data using the statistical techniques of descriptive statistics and Analysis of Variance test. Results shows that MSME organizations feel that there is an advantage with the local suppliers and they are strongly in favor of them which may be an important factor in favor of the SHG.

Collaboration Attitude, Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises, Self-Help Group
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