Consumer’s Perception on Digital Marketing Channels and their Influence on Buying A Smartphone

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 246 KB )
Dr. S. Yuvaraj 1; Ms. R. Indumathi 2

1Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai (India)

2M.Phil. Scholar, Department of Commerce, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai (India)


Digitization has become a part of our daily routines. Digital marketing is the use of electronic media in order to promote products and to reach consumers. Digital marketing refers to execution of marketing strategies through digital media such as websites, e-mail, social media, mobile phones, search engines etc. The main aim of digital marketing is to promote marketing activities by using different modern technologies. This study is an attempt to know the influence of digital marketing in enhancing the brand name. The study identifies the role of digital marketing and their major channels like mobile marketing, brand website, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing in customers purchase decision. It also determines the customer’s perception towards medium of buying smartphones. The result suggested the manufacturer to adopt digital marketing strategies for their business in order to withstand in the market and also to fulfil the customer’s expectation. The manufacturer should also consider the customers reviews and feedback about the product.

Digital marketing, Mobile marketing, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Brand website, Medium of buying
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