Contribution of a Guru in the field of Indian Classical Music: in special context with Ustad Lachhman Singh Seen

SL-RCTRM-2018 | Special Issue | OCT-2018 | Published Online: 20 October 2018    PDF ( 203 KB )
Arupriya Seen 1

1Research Scholar (Ph.D.), Punjabi University, Patiala (India)


UstadLachhman is one of the most renowned artists of Punjab Gharana of Tabla playing. His contribution in the field of classical music is inexplicable. He is such a personality who has imbibed each and every style of music in himself. The life of an artist always inspire others to achieve the goals of their lives. In today‟s society, morals of a Guru, a teacher are diminishing gradually. He is an artist of such excellence who has equally proved himself a great performer, a composer, a Guru and a maestro in Tabla playing as well as in Sitar playing and vocal music. His knowledge regarding the music and its literature is undefined.The guru-shishyaparamparais one of the appropriate and prominent way for the promotion and proliferation of classical music because this tradition of music is the only way to get the education of music perfectly. UstadLachhman Singh Seen has always taught his disciples in a very scientific and successful way. He always gave detailed knowledge of the specific thing to the students so that they could easily and quickly grasp that thing. Today, he has a long list of disciples in India and abroad too, who are contributing in the promotion of Punjab gharana. Apart from the Tabla disciples, he has also prepared and groomedmany students in Sitar playing and vocal music who are now working at higher posts in established institutions. UstadLachhman Singh Seen has given performances in many reputed concerts in India and abroad. He has also accompanied many great artists of his time like: Ustad Amir Khan, Pt. RajanSajan Mishra, Pt. Omkarnath Thakur, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Pt. Nikhil Banerji and many more. Thisdocumentation and evaluation shall definitely prove beneficial for the coming generations and for tracing the history of music of Punjab. To have a study about the contribution of an artist by highlighting his different aspects in the field of music and presentation of the same through research work is definitely needed.

UstadLachhman, Tabla, Guru
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