Design and Analysis of Energy Harvesting System for Smart Wearable Device

NCIDCAS | Special Issue | December-2018 | Published Online: 22 December 2018    PDF ( 419 KB )
Dhavale S.M. 1; Galbale V.S. 2; N.M. Kulkarni 3; A.D. Shaligram 4

1Assistant professor, MIT Art’s, Commerce and Science College , Alandi(D), Pune, Maharashtra (India)

2Assistant professor, MIT Art’s, Commerce and Science College , Alandi(D), Pune, Maharashtra (India)

3Associate professor, Fergusson College, Pune, Maharashtra (India)

4Professor, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra (India)


The world is going through energy crises. There are different alternative sources available to generate energy. But most of the energy generation system fails to fulfill the requirement of portable application. There is need to search alternative energy source. The alternative source of energy is to supplement batteries in portable electronics application. Electromagnetic generator is one of way to generate energy from motion or vibration. In this research work, the main focus is on converting mechanical energy into electrical energy by using a pendulum. An effort is made to analysis the electrical signal from the movement of pendulum with the help of MATLAB. The shaft of electromagnetic generator is connected to pendulum. The movements of generator move the pendulum and energy will be generate. The way of analysis of Energy generation is explain in this paper. The generated energy further charges the rechargeable batteries used for portable electronic application.

Alternative Energy System, Electromagnetic Generator, Pendulum, MATLAB, Portable Application
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