Effectiveness of HR Metrics and HR Analytics in the Evolution of HR as a Strategic Business Partner

DMS-GBMP | Special Issue | July-2018 | Published Online: 30 July 2018    PDF ( 257 KB )
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1327588
K. Sripathi 1; Dr. C. Madhavaiah 2

1Doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Management, Pondicherry University, Karaikal Campus. Asst. Professor, Vignan’s F, S, T & R (Deemed to be University) (India)

2Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Pondicherry University - Karaikal Campus (India)


Any organization’s functioning, survival and growth is largely a result of the efforts put by the human resources in those firms. More technology has come to the HR workspace and the challenge for HR executives now is to become more tech-savvy. Many studies have highlighted the strategic importance and potential for HR practices. Firms can hugely benefit from the HR measurement tools. They can assess the value of important long-term decisions towards human resources in the business context. HR metrics offer firm specific insights that are more data-driven, enabling the HR professionals and key executives to make important HR decisions. There is greater acceptance existing among the HR practitioners that HR metrics could help project HR as a strategic business partner. The present study is aimed at identifying the different levels of HR metrics in use by the HR professionals. The study attempted to collect HR professionals’ opinion on the usefulness and the impact of the HR metrics in making various HR decisions in order to project HR function as a strategic business partner. The results of the study indicated favorable opinion on the utilization of HR metrics and the usefulness to a good level. Also, the metrics were able to impact the important HR decisions in the organizations favoring the study aim about role of HR metrics in promoting HR as a strategic business partner.

HR Metrics, HR Analytics, Business Impact, HR as Strategic Business Partner
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