Green Marketing in India – A Study

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 200 KB )
Dr. P.Loganathan 1; S.Geetha 2

1Head, PG and Research Department of Economics, Kandaswami Kandar’s College, Velur, Namakkal (Dt) (India)

2Ph.D Research scholar PG and Research Department of Economics, Kandaswami Kandar’s College, Velur, Namakkal (Dt) (India)


Increasing awareness on the various environmental problems has led a shift in the way consumers go about their life. There has been a change in consumer attitudes towards a green lifestyle. People are actively trying to reduce their impact on the environment. However, this is not widespread and is still evolving. Organizations and business however have seen this change in consumer attitudes and are trying to gain an edge in the competitive market by exploiting the potential in the green market industry. In the modern era of globalization, it has become a challenge to keep the consumers in fold and even keep our natural environment safe and that is the biggest need of the time. Green marketing is a phenomenon which has developed particular importance in the modern market and has emerged as an important concept in India as in other parts of the developing and developed world, and is seen as an important strategy of facilitating sustainable development. In this research paper, main emphasis has been made of concept, need and importance of green marketing. Data has collected from multiple sources of evidence, in addition to books, journals, websites and news papers. It explores the main issues in adoption of green marketing practices. The paper describes the current Scenario of Indian market and explores the challenges have with green marketing.

Green Marketing, Environment, Traditional Marketing, Consumer, Marketer
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