Historical Development of Gurmat Sangeet Publications

SL-RCTRM-2018 | Special Issue | OCT-2018 | Published Online: 20 October 2018    PDF ( 142 KB )
Dr. Rishpal Singh 1

1Head, Department of Music Guru Nanak College Budhlada Distt Mansa (India)


Sikh Gurus, Bhagat‟s and Saint‟s giving importance, to the art of music, developed a new tradition, by sewing their compositions into the thread of Ragas, which is known as the tradition of Gurmat Sangeet, In the present scenario in present times tremendous efforts have been made to promote the theoretical and practical aspects of the Gurbani literature, initiated by the Gurus, Bhagat‟s and Saint‟s through Gurmat Sangeet, Gurmat Sangeet Publications too have been an important part of these initiatives. It can be said, that the fabrication of literature or the books of music in Punjabi language, basically started from Gurmat Sangeet. Almost 150 books are published on Gurmat Sangeet till now. In this research paper we‟ll light trough the history, growth and development on Gurmat Sangeet Publications.

Sikh Gurus, Saint, Surmat Sangeet
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