Innovation in General Management

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 307 KB )
Madhumithra R 1; Deepa T 2; Deepika T 3

12-Bcom B&I, Sri Krishna college of arts & science, Kunniyamuthur, CBE – 6 (India)

22-Bcom B&I, Sri Krishna college of arts & science, Kunniyamuthur, CBE – 6 (India)

32-Bcom B&I, Sri Krishna college of arts & science, Kunniyamuthur, CBE – 6 (India)


In business every action, innovations, contribution of employees, investment of capital in production way, controlling of risk ….etc everything are a stepping stone to success. These all can be put into a box called management practices, where it double’s up the profit of the business. These management practices are the sum of ideas which is going popularize their product or services. The management practices have diversified routes to enrich the business in which we are going to keep a keen look on the source of business i.e. human resource basically on recruiting employees, on their performance over the period of time. The second is marketing in this modern era, everyone needs an established face to survive. On the same way products are also need end to be marketed so that we can capture the market. When we move into most important pace it is finance, which is tangible source of business being the main hope of business to increase the capital attaining the profit. When we see these three components of management practices the other component which takes part in every area the “risk”, many tactics are needed to controlled. As the risk grows than profit will decrease which directly affects the business to run in smooth way. When we see all internal things we also give an eye to external thing which is called general management. We can’t just close the way for it, as everything has equal weight in the management practices. So we can conclude that, the more innovation in management practices the more popularization, recognition, profitability is attained.

Aligning effort; Allocating resources; Applying knowledge; Motivating; Nurturing relationship
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