Perception towards Online Quizzes in NCT, Oman

ICCMCT-2018 | Special Issue | September 2018 | Published Online: 29 September 2018    PDF ( 204 KB )
Ashraf Komakkal 1; Dr. Noushad PM 2

1Faculty, Business Studies Department, Nizwa College of Technology (Oman)

2Assistant Professor of Commerce, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala (India)


E-Learning and Online quizzes are widely adopted by educational institutions across the globe. E-Learning in general and online quizzes in particular provides sharper tools for educators and convenience for students. The online education referrers to teaching and learning method mediated by a computer system of a place which may be different from the learner’s personal computer system. The modern developments in ICTs and emergence of the Internet have brought a gigantic transformation in the method of teaching and learning. This paper aims to evaluate the student and major stakeholder perception towards online quizzes in Nizwa College of Technology, Oman. The paper also attempts to highlight the major factors contributing to the general perception.

E-Learning, Online Quizzes, Student Perception
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