Prime Ministers Employment Generation Program (PMEGP) in KVIC

ICIMP-2018 | SPECIAL ISSUE | SEP-2018 | Published Online: 03 October 2018    PDF ( 208 KB )
Mrs. A.Gayathri 1; Dr. L.Rengarajan 2

1Research Scholar, Rajapalayam Rajus’ College, Rajapalayam (India)

2Associate professor and Head, P.G. and Research Department of Commerce, Rajapalayam Rajus’ College, Rajapalayam (India)


Innovation is both a necessary means and a desirable end for businesses in a Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) scheme announced by Honorable Prime Minister of India on 15 th August 2008 in his address from Red Fort is a credit linked Scheme of Govt. of India by merging erstwhile REGP and PMRY scheme. It had been announced in 2000 and formally launched during fiscal 2008-09. PMEGP can be described is basically a combination of Prime Minister’s Rojgar Yojana (PMRY) and The Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP). The Ministry of Micre, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) administers the program and the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) implements it. The major aims is to generate jobs in both rural and urban regions, by way of self-employment ventures, micro enterprises, and other eligible projects. It also aims at bringing back the tradition of village artisanship and helping urban youth who are unable to get jobs due to one reason or the other. The program also looks to provide earning capacities are enhanced. This scheme increases employment in the most creative and traditional ways. Going back to the ancient professions, it restores culture as well as generates employment. Also, the urban youth which is not able to get job is helped in many ways. Both the urban and rural population is covered under one scheme which makes its scope wide and effective, it is very effective scheme which is clear from the aim itself.

PMEGP , Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP)
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