The Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Innovative Work Behaviour of Employees with Reference to Auto Mobile Sector in Tamilnadu

DMS-GBMP | Special Issue | July-2018 | Published Online: 30 July 2018    PDF ( 240 KB )
Vishnu Prasanna J 1; Dr. Madhavaiah C 2

1Part time research scholar, Department of Management, Pondicherry University – Karaikal Campus (India)

2Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Pondicherry University – Karaikal Campus (India)


Automobile sector is one of the recent technology in modern world today. Organization facing problem like conflicts in their interpersonal role, not satisfied employees, poor in trust. This study helps to manage these problems with the workplace spirituality and innovative behavior even though workplace spirituality is popular in recent years but success rate of workplace spirituality in various sectors is low especially lack of study in automobile sectors. To improve the organization environment top officials trying to implement many steps for the improvement which is said to be as workplace spirituality. Organization trying to make employees willingness to work for the creation of innovative ideas in an organization. In this study workplace spirituality focus towards inner life, meaningful work, sense of community, alignment with organizational values. This research reveals that presence of workplace spirituality which influence the innovative behavior. Questionnaire has been circulated to 110 middle level managers in automobile industries in Tamilnadu district. This results from the study shows the positive influence on innovative behavior in automobile industries and different analysis has been used such as reliability testing, descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis were used in this study.

Workplace spirituality, innovative ideas, meaningful work, sense of community
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