The Effects of Green Washing

ICCMCT-2018 | Special Issue | September 2018 | Published Online: 29 September 2018    PDF ( 156 KB )
Indulekha K 1

1Research Scholar, PG and Research Department of Commerce, The Cochin College, Kochi, Kerala (India)


Today companies estimate the importance of fulfilling one of their major stakeholders that is environment. Customers are also more conscious to use products that are sustainable. To satisfy them, products are developed by highlighting green features such as recyclable, environment- friendly etc. The green initiatives of companies are appreciable, yet, many of their claims are misleading. Marketing efforts are aimed to artificially make the products green. Green washing is thus used in sales promotion tools as a strategy to appeal customers that make them difficult to differentiate fake and genuine green promotions. In this context, a study is conducted to analyze the effects of green washing such as customer’s perception on deception, their attitude towards green washed advertisements and purchase intentions.

Green washing, green washed ads, green demands, perceived deception
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