The Psychological and Sociological Attributes of Knowledge Sharing Behaviour with respect to Medical Professionals

DMS-GBMP | Special Issue | July-2018 | Published Online: 30 July 2018    PDF ( 318 KB )
Dr. B. Lakshmanan 1

1Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, Malla Reddy Engineering College and Management Sciences, Medchal, Hyderabad (India)


Organizations take numerous steps to improve the performance of employees in order to survive in the competition. One such step is to make the employees share their valuable experience, expertise and ideas with their co-workers, and employers. But employees do not come forward to share their knowledge, because many factors affect their sharing. This is an attempt to identify the factors that enhance and factors that hinder sharing of knowledge. The data used for the study are primary data by random sampling technique. Data were collected from faculty members of medical colleges and hospitals and ranking method was adopted to analyse the data. Findings and implications are given.

Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Transfer, Sociology, Psychology
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