Q.1 How do I submit manuscript for publication?

Ans. Author(s) or contributors are invited to submit their research paper through email (editor.rrjournals@gmail.com or editor@rrjournals.com). You can also submit paper online with our website. To submit paper online click here.

Q.2 Can I submit multiple papers for single issue?

Ans. You can submit more than one paper for single issue but we strongly recommend you to submit single paper per issue.

Q.3 How much time does your journal take to publish my paper/article?

Ans. Paper/article submitted to RRIJM will initially be screened by editor and if it is found suitable for review then sent to reviewer(s). Review process will take maximum two weeks.

Q.4 What is the frequency of publication of RRIJM?

Ans. RRIJM is monthly online International journal and publishes every month.

Q.5 When I get acceptance notification?

Ans. Once your paper will be reviewed, editor will send you acceptance notification via email.

Q.6 Where can I find copyright form and paper template?

Ans. To download copyright form and paper template go to download section on left hand side of journal’s website navigation.

Q.7 How can I be reviewer or editorial board member?

Ans. To become a part of RRIJM as a reviewer or editorial board member, you need to submit your profile online here.

Q.8 What are the publication charges and how to pay fee?

Ans. To know about publication fee and its payment procedure go to Author Guide on our website and click on Paper Fee.

Q.9 Is your journal indexed in database or UGC?

Ans. RRIJM is indexed with National and International database. It is also included in journal list of UGC with journal no. 44945. To verify journal with UGC visit UGC Journal List & enter ISSN No. as 24553085 in search option and select search by ISSN.

Q.10 Which subject areas are covered in your journal for publication?

Ans. To know about the subject areas or disciplines covered in RRIJM go to Author Guide on our website.

Q.11 Will I get Hard copy of Journal and certificate?

Ans. Research Review International Multidisciplinary Journal is an online research journal.  Therefore, we do not print hard copy of the journal. We will provide you E-Certificate of publication.

Q.11 My query is not listed in FAQs. How can I convey my query?

Ans. Please feel free to contact us at editor@rrjournals.com or editor.rrjournals@gmail.com