A Presentation of the Role of Women through Food in the Select Novels of Kire and Dai





Ethnicity, Food, Memory, Community, Conflict, NEFA


This paper will analyse and examine a study of ethnicity and memory in terms of food as reflected in the select fictions of Easterine Kire and Mamang Dai, two well-known writers from North east of India. Food invariably plays an important role in signifying one’s race, ethnicity, gender, identity and culture. The tribal women of the north east have a wide range of knowledge regarding ethnic food habits which is highlighted in this paper. The womenfolk receive more respect in terms of food in the community because being the dwellers of the periphery the menfolk go for hunting to provide nutritious food of the flesh of wild animals.  If we trace back during NEPA days in Arunachal Pradesh, the conflict between tribes was very much common. Thus, the women of the house work as equal as men to run the families and most pathetically women have to give birth during their harvest in the paddy fields. Therefore, food is a marker of existence and ethnicity in the tribal society of the north east India. It also highlights the various conflict between the British and the NEFA tribes and how secluded the tribes were in the post-independence India.

Author Biographies

Khanin Boro, PhD Scholar, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Assam

Khanin Boro is a PhD Scholar under Bodoland University. He is also working as an Assistant Professor in the department of English at Tangla College, Assam. He received his bachelor degree from same college and masters in English literature from Bodoland University. His research articles have also been published in various journals such as Indian Literature by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, IIS Journal of Arts by IIS Deemed University, Jaipur, etc. He has been working in Tangla College for the last seven years. He has specialisation in north east writing, south Asian studies, cultural studies and comparative literature. His research interests include- food studies, cultural studies, South Asian Literature, North East writings etc.

Dr. Pratusha Bhowmik, Asst. Professor, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Assam

Dr. Pratusha Bhowmik is an Assistant Professor in the department of English, Bodoland University, Assam, India. She did her M. A., M.Phil and Ph. D from the department of English, Gauhati University, Assam. Her current teaching offers courses on English Literature in Context, Contemporary South Asian Fictions and Research Methodology. Her research interests include South Asian Literatures, Partition Studies, Trauma Studies, Women’s Studies, etc. She has published several research articles in research journals and has presented papers in many national and international conferences.


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