Digital Transformation and SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review Using Bibliometric Analysis


  • Dang Khoa Vu Ph.D. student at University of Economic Business, Vietnam National University



digital transformation, bibliometrics, SMEs, systematic literature review, web of science, VOS viewer


This article uses bibliometric analysis to integrate, synthesize, and expand the knowledge regarding digital transformation and small and medium enterprises. The author examined the Web of Science (WOS) core collection database for articles between 2021 and 2023, October. For a complete record, information is collected on the publication year, keywords, document type, journal, author, affiliations, country, abstracts, and the number of citations. The co-citation, co-occurrence, and publication patterns were analyzed using VOSviewer 1.6.19. The study comprised 64 papers (N = 64), of which 94% were original research articles and just 6% were review articles. The study adopted the bibliometric approach in mapping out the research focus on digital transformation and small and medium enterprises which has been given considerable attention recently. The article concludes by identifying the gaps in the literature and proposing future study possibilities.


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