Development of Circular Economy in Agriculture in Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Tuyen Pham PhD student at the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam



circular economy, agriculture, Hanoi, Vietnam


The introduction of circular economy principles into closed production systems is essential to address current socio-economic and ecological challenges efficiently. This approach not only saves costs, creates job opportunities, and fosters economic growth but also promotes the sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture. Transitioning to a circular economy model in agriculture contributes to achieving sustainable development goals. In Hanoi, Vietnam, sustainable agriculture development focuses on integrating natural processes and biological resources to enhance productivity while preserving the environment. Challenges persist in shifting from conventional to organic farming methods due to certification complexities and infrastructure limitations. Despite these hurdles, organic farming adoption is increasing, positively impacting agricultural productivity and biodiversity. The gradual expansion of certified organic agriculture in Hanoi indicates promising strides toward environmental conservation and economic development through a closed-loop agricultural system.


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