Skillful portrayal and reflection of the Naxalite Movement of Bengal (1970s) in world of stories


  • Dr. Sreyasi Ghosh Assistant Professor and HOD of History Department of Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Dakshineshwar, Kolkata- 700035 (India)



Naxalite, Revolution, Bengal, Stories, Political violence


The Naxalite Movement of Bengal ( 1970s ) was undoubtedly a landmark in history of political movements of Bengal and it had undoubtedly a pan – Indian character for spreading in Andhra Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , Kerala and Punjab . The movement had its root in the historical Tebhaga Movement and Telengana Movement, the Food Movement (1959), the Movement against hike in tramfare (1965), the Food Movement (1966) etc. The Naxalite Movement was devastated in face of police atrocities but its imprint was long-lasting in world of literature of Bengal such as on dramas, poetry, novels and stories. Actually it influenced literature of Punjab , U.P., Maharashtra , Dandakaranya , Andhra Pradesh , Kerala also as well as songs and movie- making in whole India but here in this article I have tried my best to depict only impact of the bloodbath and political violence in stories of our Bengal and it must be admitted without any hesitation that those stories were reflection of social realism which did not always consider the importance of pure aesthetic value related to creation of literary treasures. Dearth of mass base , excessive loyalty towards ideology of China , personal vengeance in name of urban revolution , ruthless attack on schools – laboratories- libraries – images / statue of famous personalities , policy of annihilation and bloodbath, extreme authoritarianism in leadership style of Charu Mazumdar and Saroj Dutta, amalgamation of urban and rural youth power during days of the rebellious upsurge and glorious role / contribution of courageous women in revolution were skillfully described in various stories some of which had been written by the Naxalite revolutionaries themselves.




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