Effectiveness of Electric field on Wound Curative Process: A Study


  • Vinyas Goswami Research Scholar, Dept of Physics, Sunrise University, Alwar (R.J.)
  • Nilaksha Goswami Research Scholar, Dept of Physics, Sunrise University, Alwar (R.J.)
  • Srikant Sharma School of Applied Sciences, Shri Venkateshvara University, Gajraulla, Amroha (U.P.)




Wound healing, AC Incentive, DC incentive


Electric field has great influence in wound healing process, the current study was present the effect of electric field’s effect on wound healing processing in plant, in present study, we have taken two experimental plants 1. Control plant and 2 Experimental plants. In experiment plant, we create wound and analyse the effect of electric field’s effect. It is to be noted that equally grown plants were taken to carry out this study. According to our study D.C., electric field was more affected during the healing process effect as comparable to A.C.  Ultimately, it is experiential that the inspired convoluted reconciles rapidly in contrast to the regulator assemblage.


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