Analysis of Educational Impact in the Doda Region of Jammu and Kashmir


  • Gufran Hussain Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, Mansarovar Global University, Sehore, MP



ECE (Early childhood education), LAYS, PEECE Survey, geopolitically stable


Jammu and Kashmir's ECE services have taken a "Great Leap Forward" since the central government released the Outline of National Plan for Medium- and Long-term Education Reform and Development (hereafter referred to as "the Plan") and the State Council's Several Opinions on the Current Development of Early Childhood Education (hereafter referred to as "the Opinions") in 2010. Based on the findings of this study, it is clear that an integrated strategy is necessary for fostering youth development in rural Jammu and Kashmir. By taking this tack, we can increase the likelihood that students and their communities benefit economically, socially, and culturally from their schooling. Adult education and youth development are synonymous with literacy since both focus on helping people who have not finished their formal education for various reasons become productive members of society by completing their education and achieving their developmental goals. That's why literacy's importance extends to both the training of adults and the development of children.


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