Comparative Profitability Analysis: Sun Pharmaceutical Company & Cipla Pharmaceutical Company


  • Dr. Vishwa Ajit Deuskar Assistant Professor, Department of Accountancy, Taxation and Law, JG College of Commerce, Ahmedabad-380059 Gujarat



pharmaceutical industry, socio-economic, Globalization, portfolio


The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing tremendously. Indian pharmaceutical industry plays a prominent role in the global pharmaceutical industry. It contributes to the welfare of people and provides significant socio-economic benefits to the society through creation of jobs, supply chains and community development. This study has been done for important evaluation of two Indian giant pharmaceutical industries i.e. Sun pharmaceutical Ltd. and Cipla pharmaceuticals. This study focuses on to analyze the profitability of the selected pharmaceutical companies of India and to do comparative study with the help of various measures of profitability. The study period is five years 2017-18 to 2021-22. From the research study we can analyze which company needs to pay more attention towards its performance.


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