Role of Youth in Education and its Impact on Development in District Doda, Jammu and Kashmir


  • Gufran Hussain Batt R/O Bhalessa, Doda, Jammu and Kashmir, India Mansarovar Global University Madhya Pradesh India



Child Friendly School, ECE, quality education, Education


The mountainous region of India has been at the mercy of political turmoil for years, and on-going conflicts have limited access to quality learning environments. Without proper access to education and resources, many of Doda District's youth are unable to reach their fullest potential or even participate in basic levels of development. In this , we're exploring the impact of education on youth and development in Doda District, Jammu and Kashmir. We're going to uncover how lack of education has impacted the region's economic and social growth while examining current initiatives that are creating change. The  on the title focuses on how to improve the development and participation of youth in the field of education. There are so many challenges faced by the people in the area in the shape of terrorism that stops the youth’s participation in the system of education and development that is why we need to protect both the development and education so we can get the peace, prosperity, brotherhood, harmony, tolerance and defence. It is the education through which we gain peace that leads to development and awareness of the positivity. The government has also introduced the New Education Policy Model which is a curriculum-based educational programmed for the betterment of children. This programmed focuses on developing the cognitive, physical and social skills of children. The region has also developed a Child Friendly School (CFS) concept, which seeks to provide quality education to children from lower-income families. CFSs are supported by the government and have teachers who are specially trained in early childhood education. Jammu and Kashmir has taken significant steps to ensure that all children have access to quality education. The initiatives mentioned above have helped the state to become one of the leading providers of ECE in India.


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