Colonial Representation in Sümi Folksong

Vol-6 | Issue-09 | September-2021 | Published Online: 15 September 2021    PDF ( 151 KB )
Inakali Assumi 1

1Ph. D. Scholar, Department of English, Nagaland University


The Sümi folksongs are important cultural texts that document not only their way of life but also their history. The representation of colonialism is prevalent in Sümi folksongs and they act as authentic historical documentation of colonization. Through their folksongs, the Sümis have sung about their experiences under their colonial masters, how they took part in a war that was unlike any other wars they had ever fought. This research is an attempt to critically analyse one of the folksongs of the Sümi Nagas and explore the colonial representation through it. The self-representation of identity and representation of history has been explored in this research.

Colonialism, Cultural Identity, History, Self-Representation
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