Conceptual Approach to Conduit management New Paradigm for Hard Work- Communication and Results with Direct and Rhythm Actions

Vol-4 | Issue-6 | June 2019 | Published Online: 12 June 2019    PDF ( 169 KB )
Dr. Bhargav S. Joshi 1; Mr. Hiten Bhuta 2

1Faculty- Smt K G MIttal college of Commerce, Human Resource Management consultant, Mumbai , Maharashtra (India)

2Faculty – Sakar Jivanvikas Trust, Alumnus – Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A)., K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering – Mumbai (India)


The entire business world is based on results. Results are measured, analyzed and published. Business leaders push their teams to achieve results. Leaders often ask their team members that action is not sufficient, results are important. This is especially true in sales and marketing. Revenue numbers are the ultimate test of a business leader’s efficiency. This article takes look at the misunderstood world of *results*. The article defines results also as actions. When someone else takes a pre-intended or desired action in response to actor’s actions, those response-actions are termed as results. Response-Actions or Rhythm actions become possible through Benefit Conversations. People will take actions you desire if they see some benefit for themselves. The article calls forth increasing business leader’s skills to deliver benefit

Conduit management, communication, Rhythm actions
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