Gender Differences in using of Face Book – A Case Study of Eritrea

Vol-1 | Issue-10 | October 2016 | Published Online: 10 October 2016    PDF ( 363 KB )
Dr. Repalli.vinod 1; John Mohmmed Pasha Shaik 2; Shaheda Nikhat 3

1Associate professor, Department of business management, Bomma Institute of Technology & Science

2Research scholar, Department of Commerce and business management, Nagarjuna University

3Research scholar, Department of Business management, Osmania University


This study examined the gender usage of face book. The survey was administrated to random sample of 200 face book users of two cities in Eritrea Asmara and Massawa, in 2015, December. Face book, which is one the most popular and being most widely used social network, is investigated in this study. The analysis of the results showed that face book usage can be categorized under Economic Characteristics of Respondents of Face book Users, Frequently of using face book, Main reason for using face book, frequently updating face book, setting to see your friends list, status and posts. Significant differences were found between genders in all the purposes mentioned.

Face Book, Gender, Social network, Investigated, Frequently
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