Girl Child – My Life My Responsibility

Vol-4 | Issue-03 | March 2019 | Published Online: 13 March 2019    PDF ( 196 KB )
Dr. Aditi Tyagi 1

1Assistant Professor, Department of Good Governance and Public Policy, Sri Sri University, Cuttack (India)


The cases of female foeticide and infanticide quite interestingly but disgracefully portray how scientific and technological development and economic growth can be together deployed for the downfall of the mankind. Causes of female foeticide and infanticide are ingrained in our customs, traditions, practices and mind-set. A pertinent question that arises in such an appalling environment is where does the society actually stand in terms of women empowerment. Saving and educating girls is important for the sake of true spirit of women empowerment by helping women secure a confident self-image and develop decision-making capacity while ensuring their participation in decision-making process at all levels from family to community, as also providing economic independence to them. The present paper efforts to stimulate its readers towards the responsibility that we as a society owe as regards saving, nurturing and empowering girl child by highlighting both the dark and brighter patches in terms of girl child rights, women empowerment and the societal ambiguity in practicing the related laws.

Girl Child, Atrocities, Feminine Strength, Women Empowerment, India
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