Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Vol-3 | Issue-11 | November 2018 | Published Online: 10 November 2018    PDF ( 153 KB )
Dr. Poonam 1

1Assistant Professor, Dept. of EFL, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur Campus. Kancheepuram Dist. Tamilnadu (India)


Violence can never be domestic. Violence in any shape or place has a huge impact on everyone who witnesses it and that impact is horrendous and stays throughout the life. The effect of it on children is dreadful as they are too fragile to understand the complexity of relationship. Children are not even aware what is acceptable and what is not, they can’t differentiate right from wrong.When they see violence in their home they feel that since its happening in their home and by their own parents whom they consider as their role model then it should be right thing and something acceptable. Making children accept violence can only lead to a barbaric society. Home is a place where everyone seeks safety and security but if that place shelters violence, one becomes clueless about finding a niche which could safeguard them. Domestic violence causes emotional and psychological trauma among children because of living in a household that is dominated by tension and fear. As children grow up in an environment which is emotionally and physically unsafe, insecure, repressing and unpredictable, they are forced to worry about the future. Children deserve a carefree and happy surrounding but under the shadow of domestic violence all they get is anxiety, uncertainty as a result of which they take up the role of protector and tend to protect themselves and their siblings. There is a little time left for fun, relaxation or planning for the future as getting through each day becomes the main objective. Children exposed to domestic violence are more at risk of other forms of maltreatment like physical abuse and neglect as parents who are violent at each other are at higher risk of physically abusing their own children. Early intervention is one of the best ways to counteract the effect of witnessing the abuse. Counselling from professionals at their school can help the children who have witnessed domestic violence. By introducing children to loving and supportive adult who could encourage them could bring possibilities of bright future. Finding ways to discipline the children that do not involve hitting, name-calling, yelling or any form of verbally aggressive behavior is equally important. Every child deserve a safe and secure home and loving parents and it is the responsibility of the society to provide one for them for the betterment of the country and healthy future.

Violence, trauma, emotional and psychological impact, parental abuse
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