Impact of Globalisation in the Tea Industry of Darjiling: Study on the selected Tea Estates of Darjiling

Vol-3 | Issue-08 | August 2018 | Published Online: 07 August 2018    PDF ( 262 KB )
Dr. Riti Moktan 1

1Department of Geography, Raiganj University, Raiganj (India)


Globalisation has increased the process of integration and mutual interaction in the global scale with both positive as well as negative impact. The influence of globalisation can be seen in all the sectors of economy, one such sector is the tea gardens of Darjiling hills. The paper has highlighted on the impact of globalisation on the tea gardens of Darjiling as well as its work force. It mainly discusses on the globalisation playing a major role in the changing patterns of life of the labourers in these tea estates and the perception of younger generation is changing in respect to increasing influence of globalisation. which might be a major threat to the future of our tea industry.

Globalisation, Impact, Tea industry, Labourers
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