Indian Butterflies: Pests Status and Reproductive Behaviour

Vol-4 | Issue-03 | March 2019 | Published Online: 13 March 2019    PDF ( 226 KB )
Vijender 1; Rakhi 2

1Panjab University, Chandigarh-160014 (India)

2University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 (India)


Butterfly fauna forms an important economic group of insects i.e. as a pest of various economically important crops and as well as a pollinator. In this research study total fauna of butterflies of India has been reviewed and their pest status along with their reproductive behavior towards their respective host plants especially the oviposited plants and their parts have been emphasized. Through the respective contribution of various authors on Indian butterflies concerning about cycle of their life along with the behavior of their immature stages help in understanding the pattern of action of pest species. Ecological interaction of butterflies associated with their phytophagous behavior is key points in demonstrating the complicated linkage with their respective host plant taxonomic diversity. In a recent piece of research work, we emphasized on the important role of Indian butterflies as a pest, behavior of their immature stages and along with their reproductive behavior as well as pollinators and summarized the contribution of various authors under a single shed.

Butterfly, insects, crops
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