Mahatma Gandhi’s Concept of Hind Swaraj

Vol-1 | Issue-10 | October 2016 | Published Online: 10 October 2016    PDF ( 153 KB )
Dr. Manoj Kumar 1

1Prof. Colony, Durgasthan, Katihar(Bihar)


Hind Swaraj presents an alternative to Karl Marx and Adam smith. This book accepts equality and freedom as the foundation of a moral order. If equality and freedom are truths than non violence only can be their practical realization. Nonviolence to Gandhi was therefore the means to achieve Swaraj. At a time when people are facing the challenges of violence insecurity ecological disaster unsustainability and civilizational conflicts sanity demands that we seek guidance from the teachings of Gandhi as encapsulated in Hind Swaraj. In the Hind swaraj Mahatma Gandhi proposes a non-violent society as an alternative vis-à-vis Karl Marx and Adam Smith the explication of which is the Hind Swaraj. When Gandhiji proposes swadeshi technology as an alternative he is also proposing employment opportunity with increase in production. The natural corollary of Hind Swaraj is struggle against in justice and exploitation against expansion of capitalism economic and cultural imperialism. However, the theme of Hind swaraj is not just the moral inadequacy and extravagant pretensions of modern civilization but its treacherously deceptive, hypnotic and self-destructive tendency. In order to achieve Swaraj Gandhi presented a 19-point programme of action entitled Chhutkara in Gujarati, which means the “emancipation or liberation”.

Swaraj, non-violence, Satyagraha, truth, passive resistance, Swadeshi, Adam smith, Marx, Chhutkara , liberation, Saul-force, love-force.
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