Non-Static Cosmological Model with Cylindrical Symmetry in Presence of Electromagnetic Field

Vol-1 | Issue-10 | October 2016 | Published Online: 10 October 2016    PDF ( 138 KB )
Dr. Maheshwar Pd. Yadav 1

1Principal-Incharge, S.B.L.P. Senior Secondary School, Nadaul, Patna


The present paper provides the electromagnetic field is non-null and consists of an electric and/or magnetic field both of which are in the direction of same space axis. In the magnetohydrodynamics case metric functions are restricted not only by field equations and energy conditions, they are also restricted by the requirements that the conductivity by positive for realistic model.

Metric, Cosmological model, Non-static, Momentum, Newtonian analogue, Curvature, Tensor
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