Task-based Language Teaching and Learning at Tertiary Level

Vol-4 | Issue-03 | March 2019 | Published Online: 13 March 2019    PDF ( 130 KB )
Dharmendra Baria 1

1PhD Research Scholar, HMPIETR, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat (India)


When we look at English classes now, language teaching and learning through tasks is becoming more popular in the world. The goal behind using these tasks is to create and provide a real purpose for language use and a natural context for language study respectively. This papers aims to define what a task-based teaching and learning, why use task-based teaching and learning, what types of tasks can be used in teaching and learning and the three phrases of pre-task, while task and post task. How these tasks can be used in the actual classroom for language teaching and learning and how the teachers and students can participate in doing the tasks.

Task-based, language, teaching and learning.
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