Publication & Processing Fee

The author can send their research or review article for free. After completion of careful study by editorial members, author has to submit a copyright transfer form (through email). The publication fee varies on various grounds like no. of author(s), word length, conference paper, seminar paper etc. For more info about publication fee please write us at Moreover, we also provide fee waiver to the contributors from under developed countries. To know more read our fee waiver policy

Publication fee

Types of Author Indian Author (INR) Foreign Author ($ USD)
Single Author 1200/- per Article [Pay Now] $50 per Article [Pay Now]
Multiple Authors 1800/- per Article [Pay Now] $100 per Article [Pay Now]

The above charges are applicable to the articles of upto 3 authors and word limit of 5000 words.

Note: Those articles which are accepted can only proceed the payment by using above methods of payment. Please do not send payment along with your article